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At Highlight we are committed to give your research the platform it deserves, by helping you overcome potential hurdles in the preparation of your scientific documents.

What we do


English is not your native language or you just need a second pair of eyes to double-check your text for grammatical errors and typo’s? A thorough proofreading of your manuscript, dissertation or grant application by HIGHLIGHT will result in a clean and error-free document that will make a professional impression on any jury member or reviewer.


Comprehensive editing

You provide the content, we help scope your document. This includes intensive restructuring and/or revision of your text, reference database management, proofreading and formatting. If necessary, we can write an abstract, summary or cover letter to accompany your document. Choose this service when you need help in writing your scientific paper or report or, for example, when you need someone to streamline a document written by multiple authors.

Comprehensive editing


If you are not sure about all the bells and whistles or you simply don’t have time to reformat your document for the target journal, HIGHLIGHT can do it for you. We make sure that all elements of your text, including references, figures, legends and headings are formatted in a consistent manner and in accordance to journal or grant formatting guidelines.


Science and medical writing

At HIGHLIGHT we also offer content writing for scientific communication (including abstracts and posters, advertising material, presentations or research proposals) and outreach activities (articles, summaries, blogs, press releases…). Prices depend on the scope and length of the deliverable.

Science and medical writing

Online communication and social media

Building your online presence is a must, also for scientists. We can help you create and maintain an online profile that fits your communication needs. Examples include development of your institute, lab or project website, building a platform to engage with your peers or the public, dissemination of your research via a press release, newsletter or blog, or through existing social media channels such as Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

Online communication and social media

English-to-Dutch translation

We provide a high-quality translation service for science-related documents from Dutch to English and vice versa. Contact us if you need a translation of your research proposal, your press release, technical report or educational material.

English-to-Dutch translation

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How we work

Let us know what your writing or editing needs are: the size and scope of your document, the specific assistance you need and the deadline. If applicable, send us your documents or share them via dropbox. We’ll get back to you within 24 h with a price quote.

We guarantee:
  • 1

    A fast turnaround time

  • 2

    100% deadline conformance

  • 3

    Error-free, professional and attractive documents

  • 4

    Style and language tailored to specific goals and audience, never compromising on scientific accuracy

  • 5

    A constructive dialogue between author and editor

We can work on virtually any text file, Word, Pages, LaTeX, you name it!

Something else on your mind?

You need to prepare a workshop for kids on your work? You are speaking to a patient organization and are not sure how to approach this? You have just published a big breakthrough and need help pitching your story to the press? You are organizing a workshop on how to publish? We are happy to help you out with all of your science-related communication needs. Just get in touch and we can explore how we can work together.

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What clients say

Thank you very much for your editing! It really helped me to finish it up. I would be glad if you could do the language checks and editing of my future manuscripts, too!

— Researcher at the Charles University of Prague, Czech Republic

The editing is as careful as usual. The editor is familiar with the subject area and edited in a scrupulous manner. Details were taken good care of. She could fully understand my meaning and used accurate language.

— Researcher at the Ocean University of China, China

This was my first manuscript as First author; the editing has been rapid, precise and appropriate, as well as the formatting according to the Journal style.

— Researcher at Cagliari University, Italy

Thank you very much for editing our manuscript. I appreciate very much the changes you’ve made to improve the flow of the writing.

— Researcher at the BioCruces Health Research Institute, Spain

You edited my paper very thoroughly. Looking forward to the next editing.

— Researcher at Daejeon University, South-Korea

Comments were clear and easy to understand

— Researcher at Keio University, Japan

Liesbeth did a fantastic job to edit a 40-page, 80,000-word document over 3 iterations under a very tight timeline and with >150 citations to add. She worked tirelessly to get the job done and provided both grammatical, spelling as well as substantial edits to the content. She demonstrated a dedication and attention to detail that is hard to find and really improved the quality of our report. It was a pleasure to work with Liesbeth.

— Researcher, National Renewable Energy Laboratory, Golden, Colorado, USA

Hiring Highlight was the right choice for me. From now on, I can focus 100% on good science while they edit my manuscript ready-to-submit.

— Researcher at KU Leuven, Belgium


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We're Highlight. We help researchers communicate their science.

We aim to put your research in the spotlight. We believe it is important that all research results—big or small—are disseminated beyond the laboratory. Whether you are preparing a manuscript for peer review or a press release for the general public, clear communication is essential for successful knowledge transfer.

When communicating science to different target audiences, ranging from specialists in your field to funding agencies, policy makers or patients, the language and objectives might be different. However, in all circumstances, you need to demonstrate the importance of your research question and be transparent and correct when reporting your results. Finding the right words can be challenging and time-consuming, even for experienced researchers writing in their native language. We can help you overcome potential hurdles in the preparation of your scientific documents, so your research gets the platform it deserves.

Meet the editor

Liesbeth Aerts
Liesbeth Aerts
PhD and Scientific editor
at Highlight

Liesbeth Aerts is an experienced scientific editor who has assisted researchers from all continents with the preparation of their publications. She has edited hundreds of papers for different journals including Nature Communications, PLoS Biology, the Royal Society of Chemistry Journal, the Journal of Biological Chemistry, and many others.

Liesbeth holds a PhD in Biomedical Sciences and a Post-Graduate diploma in Science Communication. While her own research is focused on neurodegeneration, she has a very broad interest and background in life sciences. Her complementary technical (MSc in Bioscience Engineering) and clinical (MSc in Clinical Neuroscience) background has enabled her to successfully work with researchers in a wide range of fields, including immunology, cancer biology, proteomics, genetics, food technology and biomass production.

She has also been involved in numerous outreach activities, delivering presentations or writing about science for kids, for patients or for society at large.

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