How to become a web developer in 3 days

Start building

This is the website you'll build

And you'll build it like a pro too...

In a 3 day tutorial, we'll be travelling back to the future of web development. That's right! Using only our brain and a simple text editor, we're going to concoct this beautiful website, leaving you with a strong foundation to build upon during your future web development adventures.

No prior web development knowledge is required for completing this tutorial successfully. On the first day we'll explain what websites are made of. In the next 2 days we'll focus on building this website you're viewing now from scratch.

Beginner program

Here's what you'll learn in the next 3 days.

What websites are made of

On the first day we'll take a helicopter view on what websites are made of. You'll learn that virtually all websites are built using three languages: HTML, CSS & JavaScript. You'll get introduced to all three of them.

After we've set the broad strokes for what it takes to build a website, we'll introduce you to some indispensable tools for any professional web developer.

Structure & styling

On day 2 we'll setup the structure for this website with HTML, while styling it with CSS into the full blown website you're watching now. You'll also learn how Bootstrap can turbo boost website development.

This will be the day you'll be amazed about how much of a web development talent you actually are !

Adding behavior & going live

Hey, you just touched the 'DAY 3' tab above, and here you are reading about what you're going to learn on day 3. How did that happen? Well, we'll use JavaScript to add this functionality to our website. You'll also find out how jQuery can make your live easier when adding behavior to your website.

Finally, you'll learn how to setup a domain name and how to put your website on a server. With everything set & done, we'll put that twitter bird to work introducing your website to the world...